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I installed SonataMediaBundle With SonataAdminBundle, and everything works fine. but labels of forms and filters looks bad. Something like : filter.label_name.

How can i set the label to "name" ?

I think that this is done to make easy integration of SonataPageBundle, but i don't use it.

enter image description here

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The labels are generated using translations, so the fact that they aren't being handled suggests that you haven't set your locale.

For Symfony 2.0.x

# in app/config.yml

        default_locale: %locale%

For Symfony 2.1.x

# in app/config.yml

    default_locale: %locale%

The %locale% parameter would typically be defined in your parameters.ini file, but there's nothing to stop you just specifying "en" (or "fr" in your case I'm guessing) directly.

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