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I have seen a lot of form email scripts, but the easiest ones only have 3 lines Name, Email and Message.

Is there a way I can add more to the script to include more lines in them?

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You should look here for exampels of all that you can do, but if your looking for a way to layout an email with paragraph breaks. Here's a method for you to display a more complex body of the message:

 var body = "Dear User,";
  body += "\n\nWe have received your Email.";
  body += "\n\nWe need samples of your work (scripts, portfolio, photos, DVDs) to complete your file.";
  body += "\n\nPlease either mail or email your samples to us.  Our contact information is below.";
  body += "\n\nPlease do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.";
  body += "\n\nThank you,";

The \n\n is the way of returning twice. You can also use \n to simply return once. And you can use other advanced arguments like the following:

var ccList = "";
var mailReplyTo = "";
var emailName = "ME!";
var optAdvancedArgs = {replyTo:mailReplyTo, bcc:ccList, name:emailName};

MailApp.sendEmail(userEmail, subject, body, optAdvancedArgs); 
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