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I am coming from codeigniter, and trying to wrap my head around routing. I am following the tutorial

If you scroll down to RESTful controllers, Dayle talks about Home_Controller extending the base_controller and adding public function get_index() and post_index(). I have copied the code, but when I go to


I get:

We took a wrong turn. Server Error: 404 (Not Found).

Is there anything obvious that I'm doing wrong ? Should I be putting the code somewhere else? Here's my code

class Base_Controller extends Controller {

     * Catch-all method for requests that can't be matched.
     * @param  string    $method
     * @param  array     $parameters
     * @return Response
public function __call($method, $parameters)
    return Response::error('404');

     public $restful = true;

    public function get_index()
    public function post_index()

In the routes.php file I have:

// application/routes.php
Route::get('superwelcome/(:any)/(:any)', 'account@welcome');

my account controller ( from the tutorial) is:

// application/controllers/account.php
    class Account_Controller extends Base_Controller
public function action_index()
echo "This is the profile page.";
public function action_login()
echo "This is the login form.";
public function action_logout()
echo "This is the logout action.";
public function action_welcome($name, $place)

  $data = array(
'name' => $name,
 'place' => $place
return View::make('welcome', $data);

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You should change the line in application/controllers/account.php

public function action_welcome($name, $place)


public function get_welcome($name, $place)

since the Account_Controller inherits $restful = TRUE from Base_Controller class, making action_-prefixed function name unusable.

Additionally, you must change all the function prefixes in account.php to get_ for the same reason :)

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Thanks - That worked – user61629 Sep 21 '12 at 17:08

You are doing it wrong .. 'account@welcome' would map to action 'welcome' in controller named 'Account_Controller' which should extend 'Base_Controller' (in order to behave like a controller at least :P)

Update : Sorry thought this was laravel 4

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