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I have two models, account & setting

account has_one setting

setting belongs_to account

When I call /accounts/2/settings/new

I get this error:

Rendered settings/_form.html.erb (70.1ms)
  Rendered settings/new.html.erb within layouts/application (72.2ms)
Rendered text template (0.0ms)
Completed 404 Not Found in 197059ms (Views: 0.5ms | ActiveRecord: 0.0ms)

When I ran it through the debugger I noticed that it is already in implicit_render.rb when it hits the breakpoint in the controller...

@setting = @account.build_setting
require 'ruby-debug';debugger

in the rdb console I get when I do a list.

1  module ActionController
2    module ImplicitRender
3      def send_action(method, *args)
4        ret = super
=> 5        default_render unless response_body
6        ret
7      end

I am using simple_form for the partials. Rest of my project works fine the only difference here is the has_one association. Can some one help me understand what's going on here? Thank you.

Here's how I solved the problem.

In the debugger I printed the exception which was:
   29          super
   30        rescue Exception => exception
=> 31          request.env['action_dispatch.show_detailed_exceptions'] ||=        show_detailed_exceptions?
   32          rescue_with_handler(exception) || raise(exception)
   33        end
   34    end
   35  end
(rdb:411) p exception
#<ActionView::Template::Error: No route matches {:action=>"show", :controller=>"settings",      :account_id=>2, :id=>nil}>

With this I knew that the offending code was in my _form partial in the 'Cancel' link. There when setting is new the id is nill and so I was getting a No route matches error.

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I solved this and thought I'd add the solution here. – bytemonger Sep 5 '12 at 22:41
You should add the solution as an answer, not as an edit to your question. Then you can accept your own answer to let others know the problem is solved. – Mischa Sep 5 '12 at 22:59

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