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I have worked shortly with Netbeans using Java and use eclipse for school projects, where I noticed there are some really cool features like it will show built-in functions on ctrl-space or it will suggest from existing variables. I recently started using matlab, I was wondering if there are any such tools available in the matlab. I know it's a scripting environment so things are probably a little different but then I wonder people who work with extensive projects with matlab, how would they manage the codes or cross-develop without such tools. I searched mathworks but could not find any useful information on that. Anyone knows if such tools or add-ons existe for matlab? Thanks in advance guys!

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tab will autocomplete variables and load a dropdown for different functions, but I believe it doesn't work for fields. I definitely agree that it is annoying switching between eclipse and Matlab, so I would also appreciate anything more in depth. – Salain Sep 6 '12 at 0:30
Which other features besides autocomplete you feel are lacking? – Yamaneko Sep 6 '12 at 1:38
@Salain: autocomplete certainly works for fields. The only limitation I noticed is that this only works with the variables in your current workspace. So if you are editing an object in MATLAB and are self-referencing it using the name obj, it really pays to have such an object in your workspace. – Egon Sep 6 '12 at 2:43
@Salain Thanks! Did not know about tab autompletes and shows all different functions. For now thats all I need. – brotherofmysister Sep 7 '12 at 13:57

As mentioned before, autocomplete works for functions, variables and fields.

If it seems to fail to work for a field (perhaps because your workspace is not properly set up) it can help to call the field without index:

For example: entity.field instead of entity(i).field

Also if you change the workspace frequently it may be that the mfile editor does not catch up, in that case a quick workaround is to just type in the command window and copy afterwards.

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As mentioned before the variables need to be in workspace.

I often approach so that I evaluate the code as I write it like this:

  • Write the code in cell mode
  • Evaluate cell with [ctrl - enter] - or button in menu bar.
  • Write next cell (variables of previous blocks are now available in workplace, autocomplete with tab)

There is also a matlab mode for emacs. It offers some autocomplete functionality and has a nice feature to wrap long code lines.

unfortunately on windows it lacks the ability to evaluate cells. So I rarely use it.

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There are some similar design in MATLAB, one of them is called function hints.

You could find the documentation for it in here:

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