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I have tried:

my_directory.files.create(key: key, body: body,
  metadata: { custom: "x" })


my_directory.files.create(key: key, body: body,
  custom: "x" })

But the "custom" metadata is not showing up in the S3 web interface.

What am I doing it wrong? How should I do it?

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According to Programming Amazon Web Services by James Murty (O'Reilly), page 74:

S3 does not allow you to set arbitrary metadata items to be returned as HTTP headers; only some header names are recognized as legal HTTP headers. Any header with a name the service does not recognize is discarded.

According to the properties panel of the Amazon S3 console, only these metadata fields are allowed:

  • Cache-Control
  • Content-Disposition
  • Content-Type
  • Content-Language
  • Expires
  • Content-Encoding
  • x-amz-meta-

So, if you want to use custom metadata, make sure you use a key name that starts with x-amz-meta-. That would be x-amz-meta-custom for example above.

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