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I'm developing on Android at the moment and want to know the best mobile app analytics for android and iPhone. I only need usage stats at the moment.

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How about flurry.com - it has a small (10k) library that you can embed in your application for free and track usage across a number of platforms - android,iphone, windowsphone and blackberry.

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I've also used flurry and haven't had any problems so far.

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Flurry is huge now and limited to batch analytics. I personally use Capptain http://www.capptain.com which provides a push platform, CRM tools (announcements with realtime feedback) and really realtime monitoring (crash reporting and aggregation). Cheers,

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I'm using the Medialytics for Android beta, and it works really well. The people who made it have lots of experience in iPhone analytics, so you know it (should) be rock solid.

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Localytics is also another option. They have real-time analytics and offer a free product as well, with an easy to use dashboard. They also have easy integration for their fully open source library.

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Another option worth trying out (for Android at least) is UserMetrix, it also does some nifty error and usability reporting.

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