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I'm trying to sum certain rows from a hash table using two elements: a select group of IDs and a particular key.

Here's the setup:

Table 1:

1   name     John Doe
1   amount   10
2   name     Jane Doe
2   amount   15
3   name     Mike Lowry
3   amount   5

Table 2:

1001      Purchase  1
1002      Donation  2
1003      Purchase  3 

I'm trying to get a sum of all the amounts where the type is "Purchase." Here's the query I'm using:

SELECT SUM(Table1.value) as balance 
FROM Table1
LEFT JOIN (SELECT Table2.TRANSACTIONID as TID FROM Table2 WHERE Table2.TYPE = "Purchase" ) as ids 
ON Table1.ID = ids.TID
WHERE Table1.key = "amount"

Tweaking that, I've managed to get 0 and the total of all the rows, but not just the one result. Ideas?

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FYI, MySQL tables aren't hash tables, they're database tables. –  Barmar Sep 6 '12 at 0:19

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The problem is that your query makes an outer join between Table1 and Table2, such that all records of Table1 are preserved irrespective of whether a matching record is found from Table2. Learn about SQL joins.

You want to make an inner join instead:

FROM   Table1 JOIN Table2 ON Table1.ID = Table2.TRANSACTIONID
WHERE  Table1.KEY = 'amount' AND Table2.TYPE = 'Purchase'

See it on sqlfiddle.

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I'm an idiot. Thanks. –  fredphp Sep 5 '12 at 23:11

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