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i have a datatable with multiple rows , i want to put one link to redirect the values to one Servlet . the old call that i use is similar like this :

a onclick=openWindow('./Servlet?param1=xx&param2=xxx')

I m newbie in icefaces ... i want your help because i can put one parameter only like this :

ice:outputLinktarget="mainFrame" value="./Servlet?param1=#{}

but when i put two parameters i ve errors in the code ...

ice:outputLinktarget="mainFrame" value="./Servlet?param1=#{}&param2=#{}

somebody knows to do it ?

thank you very much ! Tommy

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what is the error ? – Dani Cricco Aug 4 '09 at 19:53

You haven't said about what technology you use(jsp,jsf?)

For jsf try

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The ampersand (&) is the culprit; you need to escape it or else IceFaces gets confused about the page structure.

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Another way to do it:

<ice:outputLink target="mainFrame" value="./Servlet">
  <f:param name="param1" value="#{}"/>
  <f:param name="param2" value="#{}"/>

The f:param tags add the parameters to the base URL automatically.

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