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I would like to add two compiler flags, one for ARC (-fno-objc-arc) and one for warning (-w). Anybody know how to add two compiler flags in the Xcode build phase for a particular file?

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Add the compiler flags under your Project -> Target -> Build Phases, just separate the flags by a space.


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If he does it in the build settings, it will apply to all files. He wants to do it for a particular file. – Jim Sep 5 '12 at 23:48
Sorry, meant build phases, my image reflects this. I have also updated my answer. – danielbeard Sep 5 '12 at 23:51
Hello, what to do if the file that I want to suppress is a header file? – Georgi Boyadzhiev Jun 30 at 12:06

In Xcode, clic on your project file to see the pane with your target(s) and then :

  1. Select the "Build Phases" tab
  2. Unfold "Compile sources"
  3. Search for your specific file
  4. Set your compiler flags on this particular file by double-clik on this column.

Hope this helps

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Select your project in the project navigator in the left-hand panel, select your target, then select Build Phases. Expand Compile Sources and double-click the file you want to set the compiler flag for. Repeat for each target you want the changes to apply to.

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