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can anyone tell me what is wrong in this code?

redis.hdel("hash:" + id + " key" function(err, success) {
    console.log("Hash Deleted");

Is there any other way to do it?

And I'm also struggling with HSET:

redis.hset("hash:" + id + " key", "true");

It tells me "wrong number of arguments". What more is it expecting? In the Redis documentation of HSET, there are no more parameters.

So I used HMSET instead, and it works properly. :)

Also, if anyone can tell me, some source where I can find examples of all commands or at least all the hash commands in NodeJS.


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HSET takes three parameters, key, field, value. HDEL takes two, key and field. Have you tried, as per the readme:

client.hset("key", "field", "value", callback);


client.hdel("key", "field", callback);
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Although I figured it out just before u answered, thanks for clarifying the methods. :D –  Arjun Bajaj Sep 6 '12 at 1:24

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