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Can we add additional methods to jqXHR object? I had a app built using prototype.js which was extending the response


What is the equivalent for Jquery?

I want to add few methods that are specific to my app. For example, I want to add a method

getMyHeader: function(name)
     return this.getResponseHeader('MY-'+name);

which returns me a specific header sent by server.

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It doesn't look like jQuery specifically supports this. The jqXHR object they create is just a generic object with methods added as properties so there isn't a prototype you can modify and I don't see any jQuery methods for modifying it.

The only work-around I could see was to register a handler for a global ajax event like jQuery.ajaxSend() and add the desired methods to each specific jqXHR object in that global handler. Then, those methods would be available later.

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Thanks, that was helpful. –  Kshitiz Shankar Oct 8 '12 at 23:04

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