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The H2 database used in the Java Todo List tutorial is the following:


How do I modify the configuration file to use a persistent database as opposed to an in-memory version. Do I need to setup an entirely separate DB or can I modify the db.default.url property?

I'm using Play! 2.0.3.

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I found the solution.

To create a file database, modify the following:





Where data/db is broken down into:

data/ The folder location of the database files relative to your project root.

db The name of your database files.

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The data/db is in fact relative to the directory where the process is started. This is a problem if the process is not always started from the same directory. Instead I suggest to use jdbc:h2:file:~/data/db. This will create the database file relative to the home directory of the current user. –  Thomas Mueller Sep 6 '12 at 4:41

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