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In Catalyst development, there are so many modulers. When I run the command as follows,I get the error "No tables found, did you forget to specify db_schema":

script/addressbook_create.pl model AddressDB DBIC::Schema AddressBook::Schema::AddressDB create=static dbi:SQLite:/tmp/database

I am reading the book--Catalyst 5.8 the perl MVC framework

My questions:

1 How to solve this problem?

2.What can I get some helper from perldoc or something else? The doc is much more, and dependencies about modulers is so difficult. What's the key?


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I have created two tables : people and addresses in tmp/database. My DB is sqlite3. –  Thai Heng Sep 6 '12 at 2:17

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The second reference to AddressDB in your create command there is probably putting the files in a subdirectory below where they should be, ie lib/AddressBook/Schema/AddressBook/Result/People.pm. Have a look at your directory structure and compare it to p141 of the book.

I'd suggest you clean that up, and try:

script/addressbook_create.pl model AddressDB DBIC::Schema AddressBook::Schema \
  create=static dbi:SQLite:/tmp/database
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