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The backend for my client web application is a JSON Api. I wanted to keep the backend generic so other devices such as mobile could reuse the same service.

Let's say each user account has a token in their profile, when they login with their username/password I send the token back. In each subsequent request I send back the token, look it up in the database in order to find out who the user is.

As the user moves throughout the app, how/where do I store this token. Do I store it in a cookie? Do I drop an additional cookie in order to keep some kind of session state going?

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Without any other measures, you should surely NOT use a cookie to allow access to your API. If you do, then I can query your API from my website, if I can make an authenticated user visit my site. –  Arjan Dec 16 '12 at 13:37

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First of all this is not 100% RestFul.I have faced a similar situation. blogged it here

The solution is, I created a singleton object to store user authentication token in the application container.Then a filter was configured to query the request and get the authentication token sent by the client. Then this token is matched against the token stored in the Singleton Session object.

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