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Just out of the blue I wonder if the following way of iterating through a result set using generator will cause any positive or negative impact against normal iteration?


def all_items_generator():
  for item in Item.objects.all():
    yield item

for item in all_items_generator():


for item in Item.objects.all():
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Why do the generator at all? It doesn't add anything. – David Robinson Sep 6 '12 at 2:58
Hi, that's why I am wondering if the generator will pose any performance/resource changes? – James Lin Sep 6 '12 at 2:59
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The former will be slower, since it will create a list containing all the models and then yield them one at a time, whereas the latter will just use the list directly. If you want a generator then you should use QuerySet.iterator() instead.

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No. Other than the fact that it's more verbose, redundant, and not particularly useful (in the context of the generator you provided).

When you do Item.objects.all() in a for, they're iterated using iterator with query caching (source). If you don't want the results to be cached, use iterator() like Ignacio recommends.

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