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Thanks in Advanced,
Safari and Chrome are randomly timing out / freezing / hanging. This happens randomly on random pages. I can click refresh about 5 times and then the pages load quickly. If I let it try to download, the page get the server is not responding error. The pages always load very fast with Firefox. I typically see the problem after I am logged in the backend which involves sessions / cookies. Cookies are enabled on both browsers. IE also works but is slower than firefox. I am not sure what is wrong with the code that is causing the problem.
Safari 6.0
/ Chrome 21.0
Firefox 15.0
on Mac 10.8.1
I have also had problems on windows xp with chrome. Very few times I had lost my session and had to relogin on IE 6.

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Try adding an EXPIRES header:

Web pages are becoming increasingly complex with more scripts, style sheets, images, and Flash on them. A first-time visit to a page may require several HTTP requests to load all the components. By using Expires headers these components become cacheable, which avoids unnecessary HTTP requests on subsequent page views. Expires headers are most often associated with images, but they can and should be used on all page components including scripts, style sheets, and Flash.

and configuring Entity Tags:

Entity tags (ETags) are a mechanism web servers and the browser use to determine whether a component in the browser's cache matches one on the origin server. Since ETags are typically constructed using attributes that make them unique to a specific server hosting a site, the tags will not match when a browser gets the original component from one server and later tries to validate that component on a different server.

I got the information above using YSlow on Chrome.

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Hi Alex, I just just added the expired header to my htaccess file, and my site has sped up. But I am still having timeouts, though less. I used the following code askapache.com/htaccess/apache-speed-compression.html Any other great ideas? Thanks again – Soccer is fun Sep 6 '12 at 6:35
It turned out to be a ssl certificate problem on the web hosting server. I switched hosts and now no problem. – Soccer is fun Sep 20 '12 at 0:22

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