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Here is the implement code of the notification:

Notification notification = new Notification();
RemoteViews expandedView = new RemoteViews(mContext.getPackageName(),
// ignore the setup code for expanedView
notification.contentView = expandedView;
Intent intent = new Intent(mContext, MyActivity.class);
PendingIntent contentIntent = PendingIntent.getActivity(mContext, 0, intent,
notification.contentIntent = contentIntent;
mNotificationMgr.notify(notification_id, notification);

This code works fine on android device 2.2, however, this doesn't work on android device 4.0. When user click the notification, the MyActivity is not launched, and nothing happens.

I don't know what's the cause.

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i dont know exactly what the problem in your code, but if you use the code from android Dev

it's work flowless on ICS and pre ICS

i lately check this code

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