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(this was a question asked in the 5th semester of my computer engineering degree)

What will the order of process execution be in the following scenario, given that the scheduling used is Round Robin?


Process----Arrival time----Burst time






My real doubt comes at time 9. At this point, A and C have finished execution. B is in the queue and D has just entered. Which one will be executed first? B or D?

should the overall order be A-B-C-D-E-B-D-E or A-B-C-B-D-E-D-E?

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In round robin processes are executed for a time period called Quantum you haven't mentioned it. Still there is no problem. Round Robin algorithm says that each process will get equal time period for execution in a circular fashion. At the point of ambiguity, it implements First Come First Serve method. You are mentioning a deadlock situation here. B should com first. Here are few references: Word Definition a simple example

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Whoops. It's 4. –  Pranav Prem Sep 6 '12 at 5:20

the order of exe will be A-B-C-B-D-E-D-E, because at time 3 i.e. after exe of a ready queue have B , C in same order , so B is executed till time 7 (as TQ < burst time of b ) and B is queued back in circular queue (ready queue) as follows A-B-C-B
and at time 7 c will execute till time 10 , while exe of c d arrived at ready queue at time 9 therefore queue like A-B-C-B-D... final chart will be

Q= | A | B | C | B | D | E | D | E | T= | | | | | | | | | 0 3 7 10 11 15 19 20 21

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