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I want to hide a subview after I click a button, for example.

enter image description here

after I click hide button, the application should hide the NSTabView,(Not NSTableView!!!). but the problem is the NSTableView at top didn't resize, as follow: enter image description here

How to make NSTableView auto resize to fill the blank after I hide the NSTabView?

My code about hiding the bottom subView:

 NSRect frame = [self.customView frame];
frame.size = NSMakeSize(0, 0);
[[self.customView  animator] setFrame:frame];
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Are these 2 view embedded in an NSSplitView as your title suggests? –  rdelmar Sep 6 '12 at 16:53

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In your code for the hide button, just include code that increases the frame size of your scroll view (that contains the table view).

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