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I am developing an augmented reality app on android using andAR. I want to play a movie texture instead of 3d model when a marker is detected. Can anyone tell me how to do it. I am new to android and no knowledge of opengl . I dont want to use qualcomm or metaio sdk because , metaio has a watermark with free license and also qualcomm sdk. please help me. thanks

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If you don't want a watermark and are okay with it being in an AR browser rather than your own app, you should use Junaio.

You can use their API to build it, or use the Creator, which will let you drag and drop the video onto a marker without any coding.

If you launch the AR experience into Junaio, there shouldn't be a watermark. You'd just be opening up a channel in their browser. You can then eventually launch it into your own app but, like the sdk, you'll need to pay to get rid of the watermark.

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