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Hello StackOverflowers,

I am eager to try out some Android programs on my tablet in the early phase. However, I do not have root access to the Linux machine I am using (OpenSUSE 12.1). Due to this, I am having trouble to let the system find my device.

This tutorial http://developer.android.com/tools/device.html, as well as almost every post I can find online, do not mention ways to walk around the 51-android.rules setting without root. Some post even mention that, to find the device, the adb command should be run with root.

Does this mean I have no hope of on-device debugging? Thanks in advance!

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I dont think you need root access for adb. Though for the device to be detected, AFAIK you need to add device details in rules.d .

If you have device and the computer on the same network, you could use adb over wifi. But to put the device in tcp mode , you need root access on phone or another computer where device can be detected.

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Thanks @nandeesh! I never thought that would an option. From your advice, I found this post on adb over tcp. Though less convenient, things just worked! –  cosinepi Sep 6 '12 at 5:38

Your device doesn't have to be rooted. After you add your device in 51-android.rules, make sure you restart adb server by using these commands:

adb kill-server

adb start-server

And one more thing, make sure you turn On Debugging Mode

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