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I have Used Tomcat Apache to use my java desktop application as a webservice.so is that good option Or i need to use apache server to make my java application as a webservice?

Wht i want is after my webservice made with apachetomcat ..can i call that webservice with wcf or desktop application of .net?

wcf service -> call webservice of java application(using apache tomcat) ->execute java application on server->and return resutl to wcf service

wcf service has function as below

call Javaapplication();

and throught that can i invoke java programm on server?

is it possible?

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If you are looking at Apache products, Axis is the tool for web services. And to that, I would look at Axis2. But, I would encourage you to look at the variety of options out there and select the best for you.

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Apache is an http server. Tomcat is a Java EE environment which includes the ability to function as an http server.

Apache alone won't run your Java application. In many cases, Tomcat will be enough, but in higher-volume situations, you may want to use Apache and Tomcat together.

Other than that, it looks like you need to find a good tutorial on Java EE and Web Services, like, perhaps, this one by Oracle

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