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I have a database backup file in .gz format.I need to restore it in postgresql 9.1 which is installed on windows 7 32bit os.The problem is postgresql does not support the backup file in gz format,so I cannot restore it.If anybody knows a solution please post your answer...

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.gz isn't a backup format, it just means the file has been compressed with gzip. A copy of winzip or 7-zip should be able to decompress it. Then you'll either have a 'custom' format backup which can be restored with pg_restore or raw sql which can be run through psql.

You can also use pgadmin instead of the above tools. See the manuals for more details.


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If you aren't sure what kind of backup it is, just try to restore it with pg_restore or with PgAdmin-III's restore function. Unfortunately pg_restore doesn't understand plain SQL format dumps, so if it fails try psql -f backup-file target-database after decompressing the file. –  Craig Ringer Sep 6 '12 at 8:58

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