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I have problem to show product list on magento. My current code only shows filter by category:


{{block type="catalog/product_list" name="home.catalog.product.list" alias="products_homepage" category_id="18" template="catalog/product/list.phtml"}}

I only want it to filter by store id

{{block type="catalog/product_list" name="home.catalog.product.list" alias="products_homepage" store_id="4"  template="catalog/product/list.phtml"}} 

This doesn't work.

Any suggestions?

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That won't work. You will need to modify / override the product listing block.





You would need to modify _getProductCollection()

You could add something like this

if($this->getStoreId()) {

$this->getStoreId() will pull through the value you use in your tag: store_id="3"

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andrew thank that work perfectly :) – Ian Ramandika Oct 1 '12 at 3:11

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