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I am facing an issue with rake. When I give rake, rake fails with the following error:

/Ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/oci8.rb:228 - ORA-28002: the password will expire within 5 days

The problem here is that OCILogon will give a status as OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO which i believe is not handled in evn.c

So when I dug up into the code, I found that evn.c did indeed have check only for OCI_SUCCESS But then, I changed the code to something like this in the function oci8_logon present in env.c of ruby:

rv = OCILogon(envh->hp, envh->errhp, &svchp,
            u.ptr, u.len, p.ptr, p.len, d.ptr, d.len);

    oci8_raise(envh->errhp, rv, NULL);

Still I am facing the same issue. I verified the return value (rv) it is coming as 1 which from oci.h, I verified to be OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO

Any idea what I need to do next?

PS: I don't want to go and change the password expiry behavior on the oracle side by changing the Profile to which the account is associated. I need a workaround at ruby level.

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Change your comparison to

                      ^^ logical AND instead of logical OR

Share and enjoy.

EDIT: After further consideration, I think this would be clearer if it was rewritten to make positive comparisons instead of negative comparisons:

rv = OCILogon(envh->hp, envh->errhp, &svchp,    
            u.ptr, u.len, p.ptr, p.len, d.ptr, d.len);    

  /* Code to perform when OCILogon succeeds */
  /* Code to perform when OCILogon fails */

  oci8_raise(envh->errhp, rv, NULL);

And so it goes...

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Thanks Bob. But if you see the update on the post, I mentioned that even when the oci8_raise call is not made, I get an invalid handle error. It seems like when the logon returns an OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO, the subsequent handle operations become invalid. I'm not sure about this. But is there a workaround for this? – Unsung Sep 10 '12 at 10:10
I suggest that if the return value is OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO then OCIErrorGet should be called repeatedly until OCI_NO_DATA is returned to clear any outstanding errors/warnings. For testing purposes those warnings and/or errors should be either displayed somewhere or dumped to a file so you can see what the warnings/errors might be. (And I agree that after OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO there should be no errors). I don't understand why this might affect things but it's something to try. – Bob Jarvis Sep 10 '12 at 11:03
I didn't try the repeated call of OCIErrorGet. Worth a try anyway. I called OCIErrorGet once and got the "Password will expire in 7 days" message. – Unsung Sep 15 '12 at 18:26

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