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I'm trying to develop a mobile app that will integrate with Sharepoint 2010 so that my clients can make approvals and stuff from a mobile device. (I'm hoping to build a HTML5/Android Native app that will call webservices and get the job done)

I looked it up and there is a RESTful API for Sharepoint that I think I can use with the ECMAScript library. Can I use this same REST API to view pending approvals, to approve/reject, etc or is the functionality limited to viewing data?

Sorry but i'm a newbie to Sharpoint. Could someone throw a little light on whether I have the right idea?


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For my needs I am using custom SOAP Web Services to do what I want in SharePoint side. Unfortunately, I have no experience with the built-in services, may be it is enough for your needs, but I don't think so. But you can start your investigation here:



Creation of custom Web Services is simple and it can give you great possibilities.

On the mobile part I am using Cordova (PhoneGap) to create mobile application (based on Html+JS). For WebService invokation I am using code like this:

var url=server+"/_layouts/CustomWebServices/MyCustomWebService.asmx";
var req = createXMLHTTPObject();
req.onreadystatechange= function(){
    if(req.readyState != 4) return;
    if(req.status != 200) {
        if (onerror)
            onerror('status: '+req.status+req.responseCode+req.responseText);
var soapBodyDoc=mkXML(soapBody);
req.setRequestHeader('SOAPAction', 'http://mysite/'+soapAction);
req.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'text/xml; charset=utf-8');
req.setRequestHeader('Authorization', 'Basic '+auth);
req.setRequestHeader('Expect', '100-continue');
req.setRequestHeader('Connection', 'Keep-Alive');

As you can see I am using Basic authorization. Maybe it is not the best approach, but I am a newbie too :). I can't remember for the moment, what I exactly did to allow Basic authentication, but if you couldn't find this information let me know, I'll try to remember.

To create UI you can use jQuery mobile. It is very useful.

If you have additional questions - let me know.

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Hey @Puhan thanks for the reply. Developing the app is fine. I use JqueryMobile and Phonegap as well. It's just that I'm unsure of how much I can do using the Rest interface. Do they let a third part app approve/reject stuff in the workflow for a document? Can I run updates/inserts through the webservices? – user1651027 Sep 6 '12 at 8:53

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