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I am new in Databases so please ignore my way asking !

I have two text boxes named from date and To date having calendar within them and now i want to get data from them in grid view against specific dates selected in those text boxes.

I have Created Stored Procedure for this operation but i am not sure much about my stored procedure.

here is my stored procedure

select * from cor_leave 
where dt_from >= @dt_from and dt_from <= @dt_to

i am going on right way or if i am doing any wrong please help me out? or is there any way that can solve my issue???

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Yes, you are going right. But, note that the dt_from has to be of data type compatible with the data type date in order to get you the correct date range that you are looking for.

You can also use BETWEEN instead of >= and <=:

FROM cor_leave 
WHERE dt_from BETWEEN @dt_from AND @dt_to
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You should query in this way:

select * from cor_leave 
where dt_from between @dt_from and @dt_to
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In addition to other answers, it may happen that your dt_to remains NULL.

In that case your query will not bring records with @dt_to as null.

To avoid such issue refer below query:

FROM cor_leave  
WHERE dt_from BETWEEN @dt_from AND ISNULL(@dt_to,dt_from) 
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