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i'm facing a problem with prime-faces data table multiple selection.whenever i select some records and perform action for the first time ,it wont send back any records, then if i sort any columns or click 2 or 3 times values are passed correctly .could it be a ajax issue? or any property need to attach to the list?

 <p:dataTable id="StatusSearch" var="item" rowIndexVar="rowStatusSearch" value="#{StatusAction.listBondLocationEBeans"
    selection="#{StatusAction.listBEeans}" rowKey="#{item.LocationId}">
    <p:column selectionMode="multiple"/>


private LocationEBean[] listBEeans;
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please enable your firebug and check whether you have any client side java script errors. then check your code with a simple page and simple bean without extra stuff. and please share some more code here from your bean and facelet page. – Heidarzadeh Sep 6 '12 at 8:05
Thanks @Heidarzedeh,i found the problem with immediate=true in my submit button. – Bernad Ali Sep 7 '12 at 3:45
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i found out the problem,in my action button i used "immediate=true" property after i remove that it's working normally.

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