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I have a project running, in which I need to use illusion effects. Since I am newbie to Corona, I am unable to find the function.

I made a rectangle with physics.addbody, so the dropping object can be contained in. What is the code to make an illusion as if the water gets filled in a bucket or jar?

This is how I created the rectangle bucket

local leftSide = display.newRect(430,235,1, 75)
physics.addBody(leftSide, "static", { density = 10, friction = 0.0, bounce = 0.0 })

local rightSide = display.newRect(330, 235, 1, 75)
physics.addBody(rightSide, "static", { density = 10, friction = 0.0, bounce = 0.0 })

local bottomSide = display.newRect(330,310,100,1)
physics.addBody(bottomSide, "static", { density = 10, friction = 0.0, bounce = 0.0 })

This is how the circle gets filled in that rectangle when the function is called

function createBB()
    local bb = display.newCircle(390, h/2 + someRand(20),3)
    physics.addBody(bb, {density = 1.0, friction = 0.3, radius = 2})
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Sorry but your english does not help :( But can you explain what is the illusion effect you want? –  speeder Sep 6 '12 at 22:44
using cue shot a stone will collides with another static object ,,,then the water should pour from the static object.... –  Manoj Sep 7 '12 at 3:21

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