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Just wanted to know, what is the proper way of returning to the index in backbone.js? So this is an outline of my code. I have a router, where it creates an instance of a view and passes the current instance of the router.

var AppRouter = Backbone.Router.extend({
    callMasterViefw: function(){

Inside the MasterView, I create an instance of the MasterView and assign the router to it as well. I have a function, called reRouteToIndex, where basically i want to reroute to the index page.

MasterView= Backbone.View.extend({
    render: function(){},
        this.router.navigate("", {trigger: true,replace: true});

All this works, but the problem is when I redirect to the index I return to something like www.test.com/index.html/#. Where it is important to note the # at the end. I was wondering if there was a way to route to the original path without the # like this www.test.com/index.html?

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You could enable pushState in .navigate() (like .navigate({pushState: true, trigger: true}) but you'll need to configure your webserver to work with mod_rewrite (or equivalent).

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