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I have a custom class called TextBoxColumn as Follows

public class TextBoxColumn : DataGridTemplateColumn
    public static readonly DependencyProperty FieldNameProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("FieldName", typeof(string), typeof(TextBoxColumn), new PropertyMetadata(""));
    public string FieldName
        get { return (string)GetValue(FieldNameProperty); }
        set { SetValue(FieldNameProperty, value); }

When creating DataGrid columns from XAML:

        <local:TextBoxControl FieldName="FirstName"/>
        <local:TextBoxControl FieldName="LastName"/>

In XAML Dictionary, I have defined the Cell Template for this TextBoxColumn:

<DataTemplate x:Key="TextBoxColumn_CellTemplate">
    <TextBox Text="{Binding FieldName}"/> <!-- Here is the problem, if I give FirstName instead of FieldName, it works fine -->

How to get the value of FieldName property of TextBoxColumn and Bind it to Text property? How can I achieve it without C# code?

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Why not use a DataGridTextColumn? – H.B. Sep 6 '12 at 8:12

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Give a name to TextBoxColumn control and try to bind it's property by element name

<TextBox Text="{Binding ElementName=txtBoxCol, Path=FieldName}"></TextBox>
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It is showing the value of the FieldName for that TextBoxControl e.g. FirstName, LastName etc, not binding with FirstName or LastName (the value of FieldName) – Debashis Pal Sep 6 '12 at 10:46

You cannot do thing without code, there is no way to bind properties of a binding (in this case you would want Binding.Path to be whatever the FieldName is).

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