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I'm reviewing a lot of scripts for sending messages to Twitter accounts.

I think you just needed your account authentication (to post in the headers) to be able to send a DM to any user. Is it possible you can't do that now ?

I'm just finding examples with oAuth, but I don't need that.

What I want is to send a DM each time someone follows me, but with all oAuth examples and scripts, they use a Twitter APP, so other users "connect their accounts" to my App, but I don't want that … that is for websites and similar to "connect with Facebook" .

I need just to send DM to some users. How can I do that avoiding them to "connect to my app" ?

Thank you !

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You will need to create an API key (an app, if you prefer) and then give access to this app from your own account. It will then be possible to DM people as yourself using the authentication token your app receives.

The recipients of the DMs do not need to interact with your app at all.

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How can I give access to my app from my account ? –  FlamingMoe Sep 6 '12 at 10:37
@user311188: Go to dev.twitter.com/apps, select the application, scroll to the bottom, there is a section titled "Your access token". –  Jon Sep 6 '12 at 10:52

if you simply want to DM them on being followed check out ITTT.com 's features.

it will automate this process for you.

and it's free

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