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sinatra-authentication expects a layout.haml for its pre-rolled authentication views.

How do I specify a different layout template that sinatra-authentication can use (e.g. auth_layout.haml) so that I can keep layout.haml for my app's views?

My current not-ideal approach to this is to:

  • Allow sinatra-authentication to use the standard layout.haml
  • Explicitly use another layout file (e.g. std_layout.haml) in all other parts of the app


erb :home_page, :layout => :std_layout

I'd prefer it the other way around :)

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You may read on Layout Engines or simply try:

get '/login' do
  haml :login, layout: auth_layout

EDIT-1: your comment is Ok layout: auth_layout is ruby 1.9 syntax :layout => auth_layout is syntax used before 1.9

And if you are talking about this sinatra-authentication you must hack this file's app.get '/login/?' method regarding (Module::Helpers#use_layout?).

EDIT-2: I guess overwriting use_layout? method will help you, perhaps something like

Module Sinatra
  Module Helpers
    def use_layout?
       request.xhr? ? false : :auth_layout
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Thanks. The above code didn't work as login.haml is being invoked within sinatra-authentication. Also the layout: syntax doesn't seem to match syntax on sinatrarb.com/blog –  Daniel May Sep 6 '12 at 13:03
Thanks again @kfl62 :) Yes, I looked through the source before but don't know how to change the code to use another layout file. Any suggestions or code would be most helpful :) –  Daniel May Sep 7 '12 at 4:56

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