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I am setting the dictionary with NSNmuber- number (for alarm) with :

#define kTimerNameKey @"kTimerNameKey"
 NSDictionary *userInfo = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject:number forKey:kTimerNameKey];

When i get on the delegate a notification i have this :

NSDictionary *userInfo = notification.userInfo;

i can log it and see that its ok.

My problem is , how can i extract from userInfo , the number for the key ? if i use objectForKey:kTimerNameKey , he doesnt know this key(its in another class)

So, extracting on the delegate the number from the userInfo is my problem. Thanks.

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Can't you just #import "YourOtherClass.h" that contains the definition for the kTimerNameKey ?

Otherwise, if you're using NSNotification to post notification, you can pass along the value of the number:

[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] postNotificationName:@"notif_sendNumber" Object:myNumber];

then in your receiving class, you can go:

-(void)myReceivingMethod:(NSNotification *)notification
    NSNumber *receivedNumber = (NSNumber *)[notification object];
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Try to convert this class to int, like [[userinfo objectForKey:kTimerNameKey] intValue];

Hope it works...

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for (NSString* key in userInfo)
    int value = [[userInfo objectForKey:key] intValue];

or pass key to another class.

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