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I have structure in the following way:

<div class="fc-event-inner fc-event-skin">
    <span class="fc-event-title">
        <div class="removeBackGround"></div>

so, using jquery how do i find and remove the parent class(fc-event-inner fc-event-skin) using "removeBackGround" class.

Thanks vishnu

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Please add some code. –  David Sep 6 '12 at 8:51

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Like this:

$('.removeBackGround').parents('.fc-event-inner,.fc-event-skin').removeClass('fc-event-inner fc-event-skin');
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If you don’t know how many levels up it is, use .closest()

$('.removeBackGround').closest('.fc-event-skin').removeClass('fc-event-inner fc-event-skin');

If you know it’s always two levels up you can chain parents:

$('.removeBackGround').parent().parent().removeClass('fc-event-inner fc-event-skin');
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In order to remove the class use the following code:

    .removeClass("fc-event-inner fc-event-skin");

Check closest() and removeClass() methods.

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Try this

$('.removeBackGround').closest('.fc-event-inner fc-event-skin').remove();

or you can go with this

$('.removeBackGround').parents('.fc-event-inner,.fc-event-skin').removeClass('fc-event-inner fc-event-skin');
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try this

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Hi now used to this as like

$('p').removeClass('myClass yourClass')

more info link

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There are many options to do that. But,

$(".removeBackGround").closest('div.fc-event-inner,div.fc-event-skin').removeClass("fc-event-inner fc-event-skin");

would work best.

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