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While working in eclipse "Juno" and Android development kit on Ubuntu, It freezes a lot and I should wait for about 40 seconds to get it back. Why is that ??

It freezes when I build project, do some thing in the layout or views , submitting to git repo, running the emulator ( it freezes with no logcat entries written for a while, then i get all the messages at once) and many other cases.

Does any one know why is that ?

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Try giving more memory to your eclipse. In your eclipse installation folder in the eclipse.ini file under the -vmargs option:

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Ok. I will try that – M Hassen Sep 6 '12 at 9:35
This did not solve the problem ! – M Hassen Sep 9 '12 at 8:26

If the above process does not works for you then try this once

If you're having this problem, then in eclipse you should be able to see a directory that is full of hundreds or thousands of text files. Eclipse will try to process them. To tell it not to, right click on the project, then click properties -> resource -> resource filters. Add an exclude all rule where the name matches the folder name. You may also want to do this for any .svn folders or the like.

I found this answer in Recurring eclipse hanging

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