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I have couple lists of pointers to custom class ( class is simple Person with basic data). How to copy pointers (shallow copy) from all lists to one new list but only Persons which are from Portland (city==Portland)? I am using list from STL ( list ). I cannot use C++11.

class Person{
long id;
string name;
string last_name;
string city

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In C++11, you should use copy_if and a lambda:

std::list<Person*> src, dst;

std::copy_if(src.cbegin(), src.cend(), std::back_inserter(dst),
             [](Person * p) -> bool { return p->city == "Portland"; });

If you have an older platform (which doesn't have lambdas or copy_if), you'll have to spell the loop out manually:

for (std::list<Person*>::const_iterator it = src.begin(), e = src.end(); it != e; ++it)
    if ((*it)->city == "Portland") { dst.push_back(*it); }
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"I cannot use C++11" :( –  Luchian Grigore Sep 6 '12 at 9:05

For example in C++03.

struct PersonComparerByCity : public std::unary_function<Person*, bool>
   PersonComparerByCity(const std::string& c):city(c) { }
   result_type operator() (argument_type arg) const 
   { return arg && arg->city == city; }
   std::string city;

std::list<Person*> p;
std::list<Person*> result;
std::remove_copy_if(p.begin(), p.end(), std::back_inserter(result), 


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