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I want to parse an erlang config file in python. Is there a module for it? This config file contains;

[{webmachine, [
 {bind_address, ""},
 {port, 12345},
 {document_root, "foo/bar"}
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why not fire off an erlang shell and let it do the formatting for you? Not in python, I know, but it will catch the corner cases and make the parsing on the python side super simple. –  selle Sep 6 '12 at 10:01
I dont have advice for python, but here is a posting on validating via the erl console and a unix script stackoverflow.com/questions/13423387/… –  Eric Nov 18 '12 at 2:40

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Untested and a little rough, but 'works' on your example

import re
from ast import literal_eval

string = """
[{webmachine, [ 
 {bind_address, ""}, 
 {port, 12345}, 
 {document_root, "foo/bar"} 

# make string somewhat more compatible with Python syntax:
compat = re.sub('([a-z].*?),', r'"\1":', string))

# evaluate as literal, see what we get
res = literal_eval(compat)

[{'webmachine': [{'bind_address': ''}, {'port': 12345},
{'document_root': 'foo/bar'}]}]

You could then "roll-up" the list of dictionary into a simple dict, eg:

dict(d.items()[0] for d in res[0]['webmachine'])

{'bind_address': '', 'port': 12345, 'document_root':
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