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I have gone through following references and found that a WCF service can be called dynamically. But, i have not been able to call a service (method) accepting parameters as ref and out.

Calling a WCF service from a client without having the contract interface

Dynamic Programming with WCF

Dynamically Invoking Web Services... With WCF This Time

Invoking WCF Service without adding a Service Reference.

Is there any way to make such call with ref and out parameters?

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Invoking WCF Service without adding a Service Reference. works greate provided i know the Contract. So i added the web reference first, copied the generated proxy into actual project and then removed the web refernce and simply called the method as

            BasicHttpBinding binding = new BasicHttpBinding();
            EndpointAddress epAddr = new EndpointAddress("");
            GMSContract.IGMSService _interface = ChannelFactory<GMSContract.IGMSService>.CreateChannel(binding, epAddr);         
            bool r = _interface.MyGMSMethod(..., ref ..., out ..., out ...);
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