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I am working on a project related with nasa worldwind.

Can anybody explain me that ,hw can I remove the worldmap ,which is

located at the top left of screen.

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Are you talking about the SDK? –  naugler Sep 6 '12 at 20:31

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If you are using a custom layers.xml file you can comment out the following line in order to remove the map:

<Layer className="gov.nasa.worldwind.layers.WorldMapLayer"/>

If you are using the worldwind.layers.xml that is bundled in the worldwind.jar file you would need to add the following code to remove it

Layer worldMapLayer = worldWindowGLCanvas1.getModel().getLayers().getLayerByName("World Map");

You need to insert this code after worldWindGLCanvas is created, but before any LayerPanel (if used) is created.

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