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I've seen a number of approaches to creating your own namespaces in JS, but it does get a bit confusing.

We make use of JQuery and in one project we recently got involved with I noticed that developers used this approach:

var myObject = new function ($){
    var localVar = 1,
    init = function(){
    return {
        init: init
  1. Why the use of 'new' function
  2. Why pass in the $ into this new function?
  3. Why this form of return?

In another project we used the following approach:

$.companyName = {
    textNotFound: "The search returned no results",
    search: {
        orders: null,
        stock: null
$.companyName.search.orders = function(param1,...){
$.companyName.search.stock = function(param1,...){

The usage scenario would look like this:

var orders = $.companyName.search.orders(...);
if (orders == null){

Is this second method not advisable and the first should be used instead? Or, should we be authoring JQuery plugins? (I wouldn't think so, because this is site specific functionality)



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I found this article about OOP in JavaScript very interesting to read: http://phrogz.net/JS/classes/OOPinJS.html

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