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I have created 4 tile template contents and updated the tile with these four templates when the application is launched.

Now I want to clear only one tile template from the application. I tried


but this is clearing all the tile templates. How do I clear just one particular tile?

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It is not possible to Clear a specific notification from the tile. The Clear method removes all notifications.

For expiring tile content, consider using the ExpirationTime property on the TileNotification class, or calling Clear followed by resending the notifications that are still valid.

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This took me a while to figure out, so thought i would post my code for anyone looking for a quick answer.

private void ClearScheduledTileNotifications()
        var notify = Notifications.TileUpdateManager.CreateTileUpdaterForApplication();

    // Clear the notifications. This wil stop the live tile stuff straight out, but it wont remove the items from the list.

       // Get the list of notifications
        var list = notify.GetScheduledTileNotifications();
        // Loop through the list of notifications and remove them from the manager.
        foreach (var item in list)
            // NOTE: If you want the list to exist, you could change the expiration date here as recommended in the 
    // MS Article above. I am just removing. You could also search for specific criteria here, or use linq on the query above.
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