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I have a object HEAP dump available with me taken through Jmap.I have also seen the dump through Jhat but i need to calculate the size of the object.How do i do it.

In dump i can see : For Example

Class Name, total objects, total size , 2194 , 446324

so if I calculate 446324/2194 = 203.So 203 bytes is the size of 1 CallRecord object.Is it so? I have a confusion over here.what is this size.Its include the size of references as well ?

m Confused.....Someone has asked me to let him know the size of the CallRecord Object.Should i tell him 203 bytes.I have a doubt whether it is correct or not.

Does 203 bytes includes the size of reference comes under CallRecord Object as well.

How to calculate.Your thoughts are requested.

Thanks in advance.

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It depends if the total size is the shalow size or the retained size.

  1. Shallow size

    The shallow size of an object is amount of memory used to store the object itself. The referenced objects are not taken into account.

  2. Retained size

    The retained size of an object is the amount of memory that can be freed when the object is collected by the garbage collector.

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OK Thanks.Could you please let me know how to get both the sizes.I have searched on net and found OQL(object query language). I have tried it but couldn't successed.Can you help me. – VJS Sep 6 '12 at 10:49
@VJS you can get these sizes with tools like Eclipse MAT – Benoit Sep 6 '12 at 11:27

I would recommend that you use some kind of memory analyzing tool (profiler). YourKit is great for this, but quite costly, Eclipse MAT is also good, and it's free. VisualVM is quite simple, but it's good enough and free as well.. (I've quite often ended up using all of them, since they all have some things that the other lack..)

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+1 for Eclipse MAT – cl-r Sep 6 '12 at 10:36

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