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I have a mock web service running in soapUI 4.5.1 which looks up peoples names and addresses. I have a large dataset of names and addresses in a .txt file which I need to search for and verify with the web service.

The idea is to produce a count of the names which are valid and invalid.

I've created a Netbeans project to code a file reader to read in the text file and I need to connect to the web service to perform a bulk search.

Does anyone know a good tutorial to follow? Or suggestions of the best way to approach the problem? I've looked all over the internet, but I'm not too sure what I'm looking for..


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Your requirement as far as I understand:

"Read a name and address from a text file and send them to a web service to verify"

1) If you DO NOT want to use a Java EE container then read this: http://today.java.net/pub/a/today/2007/07/03/jax-ws-web-services-without-ee-containers.html .... as mentioned here jax-ws-web-services-without-ee-containers

The only difference in your case will be that you will use SoapUI to interact with the endpoint.

2) If you want to use a Java EE container, which is available free with NetBeans if you have the free enterprise download of it.

The way I will do it; I will have a web service running on a server. I'll connect to the web service from SoapUI. I will send a username/address and the web service will return something for example a string "valid" or "invalid". So the mock code is on the server not in soapUI.

Since you are using NetBeans, you should create a web service using NetBeans;


Develop a SOAP based web service and connect to it with SoapUI. The web service is where your MOCK code will go, making it a MOCK Service which you can replace with real code afterwards.

You can put your file on the server or make it part of the application as a property file. In that case, create a web service on server that will verify the name/address list and send you back a count of valid and invalid.

If the data is too huge and you want to keep it on a local file on your machine, then you need to use jax-ws clients appraoch. You will read the data file in a class and then use the clients to send one at a time to the web service and keep a valid/invalid count. ........................

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