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I am learing struts and I found a mapping in Struts-config.xml as follow


in servlet mapping tag.

what is *.do

Can we achive the same in web.xml of servlets ?

Thanks in Advance ,


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That's in web.xml, not a Struts config file. –  Dave Newton Sep 6 '12 at 10:54

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*.do - It just means that any URL that ends with a ".do"
Yes we can achive the same in web.xml of servlets

ie: any url requests that ends with .do will be redirected to the specified Servlet , In our case to the servlet named action

This Link give you a good idea about web.xml and struts-config.xml and difference between them

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As far as I know .do url invokes your servlet. I have seen this extension being used with Struts.

So if you have www.hey.com/hello.do Then you struts configuration will have something as follows

        <action path="/hello" type="com.MyAction">

So in this example the url"www.hey.com/hello.do" will be forwarded to MyAction.java

In your particular example, you found that occurrence of *.do in your web.xml file. What that means is all request that ends with *.do will be forwarded to "action" servlet.

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Every url which ends with *.do it calls your servlet.

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