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I'm using Jenkins on Windows 7 and I would like to use phing with it. I installed the corresponding plugin but in the build I've this error :

[src] $ cmd.exe /C '"phing.bat -buildfile "C:\Program Files\Jenkins\workspace\Test\utils\build\build.xml" ci -logger phing.listener.DefaultLogger && exit %%ERRORLEVEL%%"'
'phing.bat' n'est pas reconnu en tant que commande interne
ou externe, un programme ex‚cutable ou un fichier de commandes.
Build step 'Invoke Phing targets' marked build as failure
Finished: FAILURE

In English, phing.bat is not recognized as internal or external command...

For the phing plugin configuration, I put : Targets : ci Phing Build File : utils/build/build.xml And "Use ModuleRoot as working directory" is checked (by default)

With Wamp, I installed pear and phing. In the environment path, I've default variables for pear (PHP_PEAR_BIN_DIR, PHP_PEAR_DATA_DIR...).

The command line phing --help works and I also tried to directly put the command line in Jenkins phing -f $WORKSPACE/utils/build/build.xml build -Dws=$WORKSPACE but nothing happened after a build (folders described in builld.xml weren't created).

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Ha! Just solved this.

  • Like the other guy said, make phing available on your path. You can test in the command line.

  • Then, the step I always - always! - forget: restart the service.

Maybe I'll get a tattoo on the back of my hand or something. Restart the dad-blasted service.

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The directory in which phing.bat is located needs to be in your $PATH variable. Otherwise you need to specify the full path to phing.bat.

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