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I should retrieve/extract all the available properties of an ABPerson. The official documentation for IOS ABPerson Don't include the MACOS available method [ABPerson properties]

What can i do?

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Try searching here on ABPerson - this topic has come up a huge number of times and code to do it is on this site already. –  David H Sep 6 '12 at 11:03

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You could create an NSArray/NSSet with all the properties found in the ABPerson reference under the Personal Information Properties header.

Then just use a for-in to go through the NSArray like so.

NSArray *allPropertiesForABPerson = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: @"kABPersonFirstNameProperty", @"kABPersonLastNameProperty", /*rest of props here*/, nil];

for (id property in allPropertiesForABPerson) {
  id valueForProperty = ABRecordCopyValue(theRecord, property);
  NSLog(@"Value: %@ for property: %@", valueForProperty, property);
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