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I have created a PyGTK LinkButton on Windows. It contains a URI that I want to open in the user's browser.


The documentation here suggests I need to provide a hook function to gtk.link_button_set_uri_hook. Is there a function built in to PyGTK that I can use cross-platform, or do I need to write my own Windows-specific function?

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What have you tried? You don't have to supply an URI hook. Just provide the URI and the LinkButton will take care of the rest. Minimal example:

from gi.repository import Gtk
w = Gtk.Window()
w.connect("destroy", Gtk.main_quit)
w.add(Gtk.LinkButton("", "test"))

This creates a window with a single button that when clicked opens Google in the systems default web browser.
If for any reason this doesn't work, you can have a look at the webbrowser module in the Python standard library which provides cross-platform support (I don't know if this module is used in gtk internally as well, in this case it just wouldn't make a difference).

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When I run the code above and click the button, I get an error from WinHttp. It looks like the program is trying to fetch the URI instead of displaying it. This could be a configuration problem with my GTK install. Anyway, the webbrowser module works great. Thanks. –  Aaron Lockey Sep 7 '12 at 12:54

one method which is working for me, on both Windows and Linux:

def _open_link(func, data=None):

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