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As a software tester, I have to test an in-app purchase app that is developed in air-ios.

Based on research I have done, I know that I might need to use a sandbox ID to test the in-app purchase.

The app that I have to test includes the following details:

  • It has a 90-day subscription period, and prompts users to renew their subscriptions to access other features once the period is up.

  • During the subscription period, users can access hidden/extra features by clicking on a "RENEW subscription" button.

Please give me a detailed, step-wise procedure for testing this in-app before release.

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Well, to test an app is the most fun task I've learnt from one of my friend who's a tester! Only developer knows hows its tough to gone through! :D Anyways, What comes to mind is to, take a device with installed testing app, you'll also need an app Store ID & password to perform In-App purchase in app.


Start the app for the first time, try to access the hidden (extra) features!! Here's a validation, saying that, "You should RENEW your subscription to get into this!".

OK, if this happens means your developer is quite good in validation! Next thing to check for subscription testing!! If you've set and counting subscription time based on device date & time! Then there's some deeply testing should be perform. Believe that you're using App for next 90 days, what if, I changed my iPhone date & time to previous dates (say 90days earlier.) would it function same as before? So try to change your device date to 3 months prior and check for the subscription condition. If it valid, here's one more testing you should perform.

Try to use app in 90days changed date. (Say if your running app for today 9/6/12 change it to 6/12/12 or prior date). How it will responding in that date.

If all goes as per your condition purchase the App, test it for hidden features would it be accessible. If yes, change your date back to current date, now test again for the purchased subscription feature.

How long will it show prompt message after subscription period gets over. Check for another 90days! and so on.

Here's one more scenario come to mind is, What if, I'll purchase a subscription, and by mistake again I purchasing subscription!? Of course I spend more money. But check would it profitable for the user who just purchased the same thing for twice.

If all goes well. That's your app is perfect :) developer make it! :)

To create a test user, follow these steps: Answer Source

  1. Log in to http://developer.apple.com/iphone
  2. Navigate to iTunes Connect
  3. Select “Manage Users” on the iTunes Conect home page
  4. Select “In App Purchase Test User”
  5. Select “Add New User”

    Fill out the user information. None of the information needs to be legit. I recommend a short, fake email address and a short password since you will need to type it in your phone during testing.

  6. Select “Save”

You will need to enter the email and password for this user on the iPhone during your testing

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